Hey there! My name is Jossel Craso, and I am known by my brand name Daniela Brieses.

I'm the creator and designer of my website. Initially, I wasn't adept in website creation and design since these areas weren't covered in my college courses or previous jobs. However, after quitting my former job, I found myself with more free time to discover and develop my skills, allowing me to reach my full potential.

I have always found graphic design, web design, blog writing, SEO management, video editing, online marketing, and entrepreneurship to be particularly interesting. However, I never had the time to pursue them while working a 9-to-5 job. Fortunately, as a Digital Media Specialist and Entrepreneur, I have been able to polish these skills and learn even more, all on my own through free resources. And as always, Google and YouTube tutorials have been invaluable.

It's amazing what you can achieve with the right mindset, a willingness to learn, and the help of online communities. I'm excited to continue growing and exploring new horizons through my website and other ventures.

My Story

Allow me to share my incredible journey, from being a vulnerable and dependent daddy's little girl to becoming a strong, independent, resilient and indestructible individual. When I speak of being indestructible, I mean that no matter the challenges life throws my way, I always rise up and fight back. If you throw me into a den of lions, I will emerge as their fearless leader. Let me take you back to the beginning of my story.

I started my career as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Dubai. It was a realization that working in the Philippines, even in seemingly better job titles like "Sales Representative," still meant struggling to earn a minimum wage salary. Unless you had specialized professions like being a doctor etc., it was difficult to break free from the cycle of low wages. With this realization, I made the decision to fly to Dubai in search of better opportunities.

At the age of 23, I found myself in Dubai, feeling afraid, scared, and alone. I didn't know anyone there, but I had to push through because I had a strong motivation driving me. I needed to make money to support my sister's education as I essentially became her sole financial provider in the absence of our family.

When I was 8 years old, my mother passed away, leaving me and my younger sister, who was only 2 years old at the time, without a mother's presence. Shortly after her passing, my father decided to marry his girlfriend. I may have been young and not fully understood my father's intentions to remarry, which may have been his way of providing us with someone to take care of us or perhaps he was deeply in love. Unfortunately, I didn't get along well with my stepmother, and the same can be said for the rest of my siblings (my two brothers). Our relationship with our stepmother grew strained, leading us to make the difficult decision to escape and leave my father to pursue his chosen life with his new wife. Furthermore, my other two brothers and I had to grow up and lead separate lives, living apart from each other.

As time went on, my siblings started their own families, focusing on their own responsibilities and commitments. This left my sister and me to navigate life on our own. We relied on each other for support and guidance as we faced the challenges and uncertainties that lay ahead. Despite the absence of a stable family unit, we remained determined to create a better future for ourselves and find our own path in life.

Now, let me take you back to my journey in Dubai. It was not easy, but my determination and resilience carried me through. I faced countless challenges, navigated cultural differences, and worked tirelessly to secure a better future. Dubai became a testing ground for my strength and independence. I learned to adapt, to be resourceful, and to embrace the opportunities that came my way. Because I knew I had to support my family, during my first year working in Dubai, I regularly sent a portion of my hard-earned salary to them. I would send them money and let them distribute it among my father, two brothers, aunties, and my sister's college education and living expenses. Even though I understood that some of my family members had their own lives, I still wanted to provide them with financial assistance to bring them happiness, make them proud of me, and share in my small accomplishments.

Throughout my journey, I made good friends in Dubai. We explored the beautiful country during our days off, creating unforgettable memories together. Their presence allowed me to feel more comfortable and confident in my work. With their support, I was able to complete my contract and leave Dubai with amazing memories.

After completing my contract in Dubai, I returned home to the Philippines with a deep desire to be with my family. Despite the happiness I felt working abroad, my heart longed to be reunited with my loved ones. I lived with my sister-in-law's house and spent a few months with them, dedicating my finances to their happiness. During this time, we would go to malls, eat in restaurants, and I would cover all the expenses. We even visited Campuestohan Resort for my sister's birthday, where I paid for everything. Additionally, while staying in the Philippines, I had to provide for our daily meals as a way to contribute to my stay in their house. I also took on the responsibility of paying for the internet connection. Also, being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), I encountered situations where people would come to visit me at the house and ask to borrow money. There is a common expectation in the Philippines that OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) returning from abroad have more money but this belief can be toxic.

However, in the process of trying to provide for their happiness, I unknowingly depleted my savings. As time went on, I began to realize that my financial resources were diminishing rapidly. As my savings started to diminish, I made the difficult decision to seek work in Singapore, once again separating myself from my family. Unfortunately, my experience in Singapore did not unfold as I had anticipated. I faced challenging circumstances that compelled me to terminate my two-year contract with the agency. After just six months, I found myself having to return to the Philippines, purchasing my own flight ticket and with no savings to rely on. It was a trying time, and I felt disheartened by the outcome.

I began to feel hopeless. I found myself in a difficult situation, I desperately needed emotional support and guidance, especially since my mother had passed away when I was 8 years old, leaving me with the rest of my family to rely on. In this vulnerable state, I contemplated seeking employment once again in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the kind of family I have is one that often takes help without reciprocating it. While I don't expect financial aid in return, I do hope for something more valuable from them – their support, appreciation, and guidance. Above all, I yearn for a family that stands by my side, ready to defend and protect me at all times, just like the loyalty of a pack of wolves protecting their own and fight together in the face of danger. Perhaps my family perceives me as strong and independent, believing that I do not require any help or support in dealing with every situation.

It was disheartening to experience the absence of emotional support and the feeling of being unloved and disrespected when I had nothing more to offer. There was a specific incident involving my two older brothers and my sister-in-law, where our relationship became strained due to financial matters. More specifically, I had a disagreement with my sister-in-law, who happens to be my brother's wife. This disagreement created tension and a significant rift between myself and my siblings.

I found myself without anyone in my family who stood up for me or defended my perspective. However, in the midst of this difficult time. I was fortunate to have a loyal and supportive friend named Bhem. She understood the challenges I faced and provided me with the emotional support and defense I needed. Bhem has become like a family to me, someone I can rely on and confide in. Her unwavering support has been a source of strength and comfort during those moments when I felt alone and misunderstood within my own family. I am grateful for her presence in my life and the bond we share.

With the motivation to overcome these challenges, I ventured into the world of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), commonly known as the call center industry, in the Philippines. It offered higher wages compared to the minimum wage in the country, but it came with its own set of difficulties. I had to adapt to working night shifts, find an apartment near the office building, and live independently. I immersed myself in the BPO industry for five years, dedicated to improving my situation and building a stable foundation for my future.

I love my family dearly, but the suffocating feeling pushed me to seek distance, to escape from the pain of feeling unvalued and alone. It was a painful realization to come to terms with, but I knew I had to find my own path and create a better future for myself. The hurt lingered, but it fueled my determination to overcome the challenges and find a way to stand on my own. Despite everything, I still care for them, especially my nephews and nieces, and above all, my little sister. She holds a special place in my heart because she is a precious treasure to our family and holds a special place in my mother's heart. She has done nothing wrong, and I am aware that, like me, she has experienced fear and loneliness while I was away. However, I couldn't fully take care of her or give her my undivided attention before because I was also striving to build a life for myself.

As time passed, I began to heal and reconcile with my family, fostering a sense of peace and bonding with them once again. Naturally, I continued to provide financial support when they needed to borrow money, as I had become accustomed to being the person they turned to. I genuinely made peace with the situation. However, over time, I found myself in another conflict with my sister-in-law, the same person who had previously shown disrespect.

This time, the issue revolved around my finances, which she affected, interfered with, and caused damage to. I could say she has done even worse than my stepmother, as she cunningly manipulates people, specifically me, and discards me when she can no longer manipulate me, all in order to fulfill her own desires. It's disheartening to realize that I have just discovered her true self after many years. Still, nobody in my family stood by my side or made her realize the harm she had caused me, which was truly evil. I felt isolated and vulnerable, as if I had no defense against potential attacks. It seemed like there were no packs of wolves within my family ready to stand by my side. If I were to create a movie about my life, I would title it "In Search of a Wolf Pack." However, I found solace in the fact that there are individuals outside of my family who genuinely care for me and show their love.

Despite these obstacles, I made the conscious decision to forge ahead in my life and distance myself from the situation, understanding that it was best for my own well-being. In spite my family's continued contact for assistance, I have chosen to establish boundaries and stand my ground. I have learned to refrain from offering them excessive help, I grew tired of helping them without receiving anything in return. as I have recognized the importance of prioritizing my own well-being and financial stability. While I still provide some support, I have become more mindful of not giving everything I have. This decision has allowed me to maintain a healthier balance and protect myself from being taken advantage of. By setting boundaries, I can focus on my personal growth and continue working towards a better future for myself.

As time went on, I have grown stronger and am able to stand on my own, firmly rooted in my convictions. I no longer rely on a pack for support, as I have found the genuine care and support I longed for from individuals outside of my family. Their unwavering belief in me has given me the strength to face life's challenges with resilience and determination. I have learned that true support and love can come from unexpected places, and unexpected people.

After leaving my job in the BPO industry, I embarked on a new chapter of my life by establishing my own businesses. One of them is a small financing business, Additionally, I ventured into the world of online entrepreneurship and created my very own online travel agency called JC TravelEscape. I also started my own physical store for fashions and clothing called LAZORA BOUTIQUE.

If you're looking for unforgettable travel experiences, you can find us on our Facebook page. We curate personalized and remarkable travel packages for our valued clients. Through my travel agency, I have the privilege of promoting renowned travel affiliates such as Agoda,,, Expedia, CheapAir, klook, AirAsia, and many more.

In addition to my travel pursuits, I am actively engaged in affiliate marketing. I collaborate with well-known platforms like,, TubeBuddy, Involve Asia, and ClickBank. These partnerships allow me to showcase and promote various products and services to a wide audience. Furthermore, I have also delved into affiliate marketing with popular online shopping platforms like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, and others.

But my achievements don't stop there. I have experienced significant success with my YouTube channel as well. Through consistent effort and the creation of captivating content, I have reached the milestone of being approved for monetization. This has granted me the opportunity to share my travel experiences, tips, and insights while earning income through my channel. It's a true dream come true to merge my passion for travel with the ability to support my journey through content creation. Join me on my YouTube Channel (Daniela's Reels) as we explore exciting destinations and delve into the world of travel.

My journey has been filled with challenges and triumphs, and I am grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. I believe that through perseverance and dedication, we can turn our dreams into reality. If you're ready to embark on your own entrepreneurial journey or explore the world of affiliate marketing, I'm here to inspire, guide, and support you every step of the way. Let's create a life of freedom, adventure, and financial success together.

My Vision

My Vision in Life is becoming a Successful Person as an Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur. In this journey called life, I've set my sights on a vision that excites and motivates me every day. I see myself as a successful affiliate marketer and a thriving entrepreneur, making a positive impact on people's lives while fulfilling my own dreams. Anything is possible if you're willing to put in the effort and work hard.

Today, I am proud to be on the path of achieving my goals as a digital nomad, online entrepreneur, and female traveler, with my own digital business in progress! Through my hard work, dedication, and perseverance, I am carving out a life filled with thrilling adventures, boundless travel experiences, and striving toward financial stability.

My first step towards this vision was establishing a small financing business, offering financial assistance to those in need. It brings me immense satisfaction to help others access funds and create a flexible repayment plan that suits their needs. With this venture.

But my aspirations don't stop there; I've also delved into the world of online entrepreneurship with my very own travel agency called JC TravelEscape. Through our Facebook page, we curate personalized and unforgettable travel packages for our cherished clients. Collaborating with renowned travel affiliates like Agoda,, Expedia, and more, I'm thrilled to offer extraordinary travel experiences to globetrotters around the world.

As an affiliate marketer, I'm continuously seeking new opportunities to partner with influential platforms like,, and ClickBank. These partnerships enable me to showcase and promote a diverse range of products and services, connecting them with a wider audience.

Moreover, I've embraced the exciting realm of affiliate marketing with leading online shopping platforms such as Amazon, Shopee, and Lazada. It's a thrilling experience to bridge the gap between customers and top-notch brands, offering valuable products that enrich their lives.

One of the most gratifying achievements in my journey is the success of my YouTube channel, Daniela's Reels. Through dedication and captivating content creation, I've achieved the milestone of monetization. As I share my travel experiences, tips, and insights, I am not only fulfilling my passion for exploration but also earning from my endeavors. It's truly a dream come true to merge my love for travel with the power of content creation.

In this grand adventure of life, I invite you to join me on my YouTube channel as we embark on thrilling journeys to exciting destinations. As I move forward, I am determined to make my vision a reality, spreading joy, inspiration, and valuable experiences to all those who cross my path. With a heart full of enthusiasm and a spirit fueled by dreams, I'm ready to embrace the opportunities that come my way and create a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Let's journey together towards success, fulfillment, and a life well-lived!

My Mission

Being a digital nomad grants me the freedom to work from anywhere, enabling me to experience diverse cultures and broaden my horizons. As a blogger and vlogger, I have the privilege to share my journey with others and motivate them to pursue their aspirations. Moreover, as an affiliate marketer, I am in the process of building a sustainable and profitable business that will secure my financial stability, enabling me to live life on my own terms.

My mission now is to help others achieve the same level of freedom and flexibility that I enjoy. At the core of my mission is the commitment to inspire and empower others to embrace a life of adventure, exploration, and financial stability. Through my own experiences and journey, I aim to share valuable insights, practical tips, and meaningful stories that encourage individuals to step out of their comfort zones and discover the beauty of the world. I

So, whether you're just starting out on your journey or you're looking for ways to take your existing business to the next level, I'm here to support and guide you every step of the way. Let's create a life of non-stop travel and financial independence together!

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